System Information

Tarantus VI is an Imperial controlled system that has come under repeated interest from outside forces repeatedly, no doubt due to the diverse array of resources that are available in the system. Home to 8 major planets and several off-world stations, Tarantus VI is a veritable melting pot of intrigue, with heresies against the Imperium waiting to be uncovered around every corner.

Planets of the Tarantus System, listed from the system Star Outward

  1. Thurismund, Hiveworld, home to Manufactorum network Alpha Segundis
  2. Rorbach, Feudal/Agri World
  3. Medulys, Garden/Noble World
  4. Isomus, Asteroid Belt, home to Research Base Sigma Alpha-X
  5. Edric's Folly, Void-Ship
  6. Desolum, Hive World, featuring extensive mining programs across the planet's surface
  7. Landerich, Agri-world
  8. Wintershoven, Feral World, home to Penal Colony Chrosobet
  9. Gunnhilde, a Frontier World home to the Shrine of Saint Isenhart
  10. Leitrud, Quarantined Planet

Planetary Overview

Tarantus VI is an Imperial controlled system that has come under repeated interest from outside forces repeatedly, no doubt due to the diverse array of resources that are available in the system. Tarantus VI is home to 8 planets, as well as several permanently stationed points of interest and operation.

First, and closest to the sun, is Thurismund, Hive world. It is primarily known for its unusual main Hive, which has a majority of its population underground to escape the scorching heat of the system's star. Stretching out from there is a great network of tunnels that connect together to form the grand Manufactorum network Alpha Segundis. Beneath the surface of the blasted world, and in some cases, peeking out to the surface, is the crude beginnings of a true forge world. Needless to say, the Adeptus Mechanicus takes great interest in the planet's development, and has been steadily guiding its progress for the past centuary, to the point where even the regular hivers offer homage to the Omnissiah.


Secondly, comes Rorbach, a Feudal world which happens to produce a great amount of food for the system. The endless struggles for power between the two ruling families of Rorbach have shifted focus to who can gain the greatest amount of favour from the Imperium, and both seek to prove that their devotion to the God-Emperor is far greater than their rivals. There is a grand "sorcerer's tower", a front for the Astra Telepathica, that takes in local psykers to be given over to the Black Ships, and once they are deemed suited to further training, often takes back those who are judged worthy and trained in a familar environment.


Medulys is often called the jewel of Tarantus, a glorious garden world populated by the wealthiest and most influential individuals of Tarantus VI. The few who are fortunate enough to live in the spires spend most of their lives plotting and scheming against each other in endless vies for more power; those who live down on the planet's rolling fields, spectacular oceans, and awe-inspiring vistas spend a more relaxed life, especially compared to the rest of the system. The Medulys Medical Center is the most advanced in the entire system, catering to the elite clientelle of the planet, and wealthy off-worlders. Dotted across the planet's surface is home to strange ruins that some believe to be of Xenos origin, which many a bored noble laughs and boasts about having visted, much to the concern of the Inquisition…


The Isomus Asteroid Belt, whilst containing little in the way of life by itself, is nonetheless populated from two major groups. There are a handful of isolated asteroid miners, but the main organisation present is the Sigma-Alpha X Research Base, which few knew much about. There, servants of the Imperium perform tireless and endless work to uncover… What exactly, none outside of the base are sure of. Occasionally they receive large shipments from often unmarked vessels; the wise know not to enquire about what lies within.


Drifting in orbit with the Isomus Belt lies Edric's Folly, a vast voidship home to countless numbers, and frequented by traders, outcasts, and those who simply find planet-bound life unnappealing. Many traders from out of system make their first port of call here, bringing out the stranger wares in their collection that would raise unwelcome questions if they happened to cross an administorum report. Only a portion of the voidship itself is populated, as a great disaster once claimed countless lives when an engine malfunction exposed the back third of the vessel to open space. Some claim to hear malign whispers and noises in quieter parts of the ship, oft tempting whoever listens to come seek what lies at the rear of the vessel; for good reason, the populace stick to the light and pray to the God-Emperor for protection come night-cycle.


Hiveworld Desolum is, to say the least, the most barren and unforgiving of the planets making up the Tarantus System, but regardless is home to hundreds of billions of people. The vast majority live within Hive Desolum itself, fated never to see the sun, and to live their entire lives toiling in the collossal and ancient structure. Aside from its primary hive, there is a secondary hive structure on the far side of the planet, Desolum Minor, but in the distant wastes of Desolum are scattered Xenos ruins that none are permitted to look upon without extremely good reason. Aside from its incredible population base, Desolum offers a great mineral wealth, with great slag-heaps across the planet's surface and beneath that are routinely mined in huge amounts, providing many different types of metals; not all of which strictly standard.


Landerich is a pure agri-world, which is broken up into three major continents, and its awe-inspiring oceans. The oceans themselves are used to steadily grow an algae which is in turn transformed into food and fertiliser for the herd animals which roam in endless numbers across the larger of the two continents. The other continent is then used to grow enhanced crops in all land that can afford to be grown on. Of the populace of Landerich, they live upon vast harvest-ships; complex and ancient machinery that slowly roams the surface to grow and process the bounty that each region offers. Each one is as a major city, with its own regional enforcers, administorum, and more than a few outlaws.


Further out is Wintershoven, a planet overrun with megafauna across and beneath its surface. The natives to the planet worship the God-Emperor as they should, revering him as the greatest hunter ever to live, and the bringer of storms. As for the native fauna, they vary from the titan sized dune worms in the deserts, to the savage carnosaurs of the northern forests. However, far more savage and terrible than either the natives or their collossal prey is the floating penal colony of Chrosobet, and the countless criminals that call the salt-caked structure home. Chrosobet itself has been steadily expanded downward beneath the ocean as the population has grown greater, though the lower levels are notorious for "accidental" hull breaches from poorly constructed and maintained areas. The surface of the colony is reserved for the brave souls who guard it, and for the landing pads to bring supplies and fresh prisoners. The pentinent of Chrosobet only see the sun clearly again the day they're taken off-world, to fight as a penal legionare in some Emperor-forsaken war a thousand sectors away, though many scheme and plot to escape their fate.


Gunnhilde is the final inhabited world of Tarantus VI, though habited is used loosely. It is a frontier world, still in the process of being tamed by the iron fist of the Imperium, and as such should be approached with caution. Its surface is icy and cold, with blizzards common across the planet. Even the milder parts of the planet routinely plummet beneath freezing, only warming above that for a small part of the year known locally as "Thaw". The luckier citizens of Gunnhilde enter a cryo-sleep for the coldest periods; the remainder either guard the fortunate, or suffer the endless cold themselves. The planet still receives many visitors regardless, as the shrine of Saint Isenhart the Banisher is said to lie somewhere out in the ice deserts. Countless pilgrims set off during Thaw to try and seek it, and seek the honour of the sanctified place; those who return are often missing toes, fingers, and limbs from frostbite… and speak of worse regardless.


Leitrud is a quarantined world on the edge of the Tarantus VI System, which is entirely off limits to all citizens of the Imperium. It is guarded by a host of weapon-platforms which will not and do not hesitate to fire on any sign of anything attempting to approach, leave, monitor, or otherwise interact with the planet in any way.

Further information regarding Leitrud is entirely restricted to Inquisitors of the Imperium. Further attempts to access or discover data regarding this world will result in your immediate termination.This is your only warning.

System Information

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